How Dating Has Changed: Is Casual Dating The Norm Now?

How Dating Has Changed: Is Casual Dating The Norm Now?

Discover how casual dating has become the norm and why it's liberating. Learn about the benefits of casual sex and how online dating can help you explore your desires. Sign up today!

I've noticed that a lot more of my friends are into casual dating and getting laid all the time. Cheating websites and casual dating sites are everywhere. The thing is, they are not using them to look for marriage material - they are not looking for Mr. Right. Instead they are signing up for a variety of sites to get some casual sex from wherever it may be. I think this is great! It's a sure sign that casual dating is now the norm, and conventional monogamy is floating out the window. This makes me so happy because I don't think human beings were ever meant to live monogamously. We are very much animals who have to be tied down in a relationship. Both men and women like to roam around and take what they want, when they want. If you have yet to get into this wild game casual sex online then what are you waiting for?

Casual Dating

The best hookup sites are the one's where you don't have to answer too many question, and you can just go right into looking for casual sex. Take a cue from me. I am 29, and have been dating online for 3 years. Before then, I was in a series of lengthy monogamous relationships with guys that never amounted to more than splitting rent in an apartment we both did not like. I was compromising a lot of my time for other people, people who I thought cared about me and would compromise too. I finally realized after another failed relationship that I had to stop thinking about making other people change, because they will not. How Dating Has Changed: Is Casual Dating The Norm Now? Everyone is out in the world looking to get themselves forward, not you. I realized I had wasted time in thinking that a stable long-term relationship would help me get farther in life. Instead I decided to focus on my own selfish needs, no matter how strange it felt. Pretty soon I was feeling better about myself, my future, and my emotional state. I began online dating with no strings attached. It was such a thrill. No one to tell me what to do, keep me away from the way I wanted to present myself. It was exceptionally liberating, and I had some great times in those first 6 months of online dating with no strings attached. I'm not the only one who feels this way. My friends and family were shocked to see me change so much just months after ending my longest monogamous relationship. I told them that I think human beings are meant to live loosely in sexual relations with multiple people - and that I do not care of the people I am sleeping with also sleep with other people. It just mattered that I was able to get laid when I wanted it.

Casual Sex

Getting to this level is where we all want to be as humans, in my opinion. Even my parents say the same thing, and they are still married! Social custom has a lot to say about it, and we don't want a society full of men and women who are too embarrassed to find physical partners that they develop porn addictions instead. That's the point here: it will come out in our actions no matter what, so may as well embrace it. Are you not sure about if you will like it? Well, picture the last time you were sleeping with two people roughly around the same time. Did you feel liberated, even a little scared, while you were doing it? If you answer YES, then you have a bit of maturing to do. If you answered NO, then I suggest getting right into online dating this very day.

Getting Laid

Getting laid is really not that hard with online hookup sites. It's not even hard to cheat on someone with online dating. All that matters is what you want to do with it. All that matters is that you have acknowledge your deepest desires, and realized that living with one person for the rest of your life will make you feel stuck and unhappy, especially sexually. There is only one thing to do in order not to become cynical and angry - start getting laid regularly by a wide variety of people. We used to look down on those kinds of people in our society, which is a real shame. The Romans and the Greeks would have great big orgies and casual homoerotic sex in public. Why can't our society get back to those glory days? We CAN, and we can do it with online dating sites.

Single Ladies

Single ladies please take note: you can also enjoy these benefits! It's not a gendered question, it's a question of liberation. Maybe in the 1950's this was not possible, but that does not mean we can't all embrace it now. Single ladies need to be able to feel proud about their status, and feel liberated and in control of their sexual life. There are many men online that would like to get to know you - all you have to do is sign up.