How to Catch Her Cheating: Tips and Tricks to Uncover the Truth

Do you suspect her of cheating? Here's how to catch her in the act

Suspect your partner of cheating? Learn how to catch her in the act with these effective strategies. Find clues, surprise her, and uncover online cheating. Read our guide now!

Dealing with a cheating partner

In a perfect world learning how to deal with a cheating partner wouldn't be an option, but unfortunately our world is far from perfect. If you're dealing with a cheating partner, it is important to know that you don't have to. Sure, you might love them but if they're cheating on you, do they really love you? If you fear that your partner is repeatedly cheating on you, it is important to find out for sure. But if you're basing your facts solely on assumptions and you would like to learn how to use spy gear to catch a cheater you can read our guide on the subject.

How to Catch Her Cheating: Tips and Tricks to Uncover the Truth

If she's cheating, she'll leave behind some clues

Unless you're dating an FBI agent, the chances of a woman leaving zero clues behind while cheating is very rare. Surely enough, if she's cheating she'll leave behind a nice trail of cookie crumbs that will lead you to the truth. If you suspect her of cheating, ask her a lot of questions about her night and see how accurately she can answer them. If she says she was with one of her friends all night, you can always call them and ask to speak to her, pretending that her phone isn't receiving calls. Also, you can always find out if she's cheating by looking through her social media or her friend's, since women love to post pictures they will most likely have posted some content if they were actually together.

Surprise her to catch her cheating

When I suspected my girlfriend of cheating, I decided to conduct a little experiment to catch her in the act. Since I suspected her of having other men in my house, I told her I was going to see my mother for the weekend and took off, leaving her with a free-house. Instead of going to see my mom in Edmonton, I waited until night time at a friend's house and then went home to surprise my girlfriend, claiming that I had had car troubles on the road and decided to come back home. Surely enough, I saw a stranger's car in the driveway and knew that I had been right all along. When I walked in, she was very surprised — especially when I kicked her out.

Find her cheating online

If you suspect your girlfriend of cheating on you via an online dating website, the best way to find out for sure if to look through her computer or phone. To find her cheating online, either type in her name on google and see if she's linked to any accounts. If you can't find any information through google, look through her browser history.

Is she using online dating?

After looking through her browser history, you might be shocked to find out that she's been using online dating as a means to cheat on you. After confronting her and hearing her side of the story, you might come to realise that your relationship isn't going as well as you thought it was. However, instead of breaking up with her you might decide to give her another chance. If you're serious about making your relationship work after cheating has occurred, read our guide on how to forgive a cheater.