5 Must-Read Dating Blogs on Adultery | Expert Advice & Tips

5 Must-Read Dating Blogs That Provide Great Info On Adultery

Discover the top 5 dating blogs that provide expert advice and tips on adultery. Learn how to navigate the world of secret dating and improve your love life. Find out if adultery is common and how to keep it a secret.

There is a lot to be said about adultery and affair websites in particular. Some people are not okay with it, but they are the same people who probably don't like gay people either. Super outdated, kind of annoying people who look at the world in a really small lense. For us forward looking people, dating in secret is no big thing, and affair websites are part of our life. That's okay. We are more worried about finding some good dating advice than whether what we are doing is wrong or not. We are trying to get more pleasure in life, and that's it.

Affair Websites

Fact is that many of my friends in Dallas have successfully practiced adultery over the years without harming their partner, usually through affair websites, basically hookup websites. I also recommend from my own personal experience, and I told them how I did with online dating sites that allow for anonymous and descreet poeple to meet up. I was able to end my marriage eventually, but during the toughest stretches I got some relief from these dating sites. Since then I've been doing some research into adultery: how common it is, if both men and women do it, and how to go about doing it in secret. Seem's like there's a huge market for it out there, so don't feel ashamed or guilty if it's something you are thinking of. We all want to get laid more, it's part of being human. 5 Must-Read Dating Blogs on Adultery | Expert Advice & Tips


This site covers a lot of ground, but does pay close attention to adultery. They pay a lot of attention to scam sites on AshleyMadison, for example, or the merits of cheating to get out of a jam. In one post I like thy talk about how scam artists took over AshleyMadison and threatened to reveal who was using it. These hackers were actually trying to use this blackmail to get AshleyMadison to close down. Adultery is a major problem for some people, so it's no surprise that this is such a big talking point.


This is a great blog that highlights the justifications for adultery. If you feel disconnected from your sexual autonomy, for example, then it is normal for you to desire som control. Exerting it will hurt someone else only if you do a bad job of it. So all the more reason to use any number of the dating sites geared towards people having affairs. Dating in Secret also has a full section on adult dating tips that can come in handy. Usually when someone is looking to cheat on their partner it's because they are unhappy emotionally and physically. Learning the tools to work out problems with a partner can be helpful, especially if they are small issues over a short period of time. I think you will know if you and your partner have serious deep issues or not. If you do think they are serious and deep, then read the dating tips section of dating in secret quite closely to help you figure out what to do, and where you went wrong.


This is a great hookup site for getting into the exciting world of cheating. Blogs are written quite often and deal with topics that pertain directly to you. Are you being cheated on? How can you tell if you are? What are the best ways to go about hiding your infidelity from your partner? These are the big questions tackled every day on this blog.


Great tips on how to go about dating in secret. Helpful editorials from real people who share the experience of keeping a secret with yourself and only yourself. They separate it into men and women columns, and there's always something exciting to keep you reading. Aside from straight tips and tricks, the blog also has nice editorials from people who have made the tough decisions in life. The lesson is that it's always worth it - life is too short to live in fear or confusion.


Super fun blog about the ins and outs of dating and infidelity in life, written from the perspective of a women over 40. There is tons of neat content and great tips to help younger folks navigate the challenges in dating that might pop up. The general message is that you don't need to feel guilty about any actions as long as you are improving your own life and not directly harming someone in a terrible way. Cheating is one of those things that can actually really help people change, but maybe you have to live through a lot of experiences before it really makes sense. I hope you enjoyed my list of the top 5 blogs on adultery. If you live in the Dallas area, I can say for certain that you will have no trouble getting into some casual sex . The question you have to ask yourself is: am I ready to take my dating life to the next level?